About the SIG

The NAEEA’s Special Interest Group: Online Learning will begin activities in mid-2015.

The group is facilitated by Evonne Irwin. Evonne is the Blended and Online Curriculum Manager for the English Language and Foundation Studies Centre. Evonne has 8 years’ experience working in enabling education as a language practitioner and since 2011 has worked in the development of online programs and courses for the Centre.

The group’s activities will centre around this website which will provide lively and meaningful discussions around issues including (but not limited to):

  • online enabling pedagogy
  • the limitations and possibilities of educational technologies
  • supporting enabling students online
  • working in teams to harness the best of multiple expertises

I look forward to facilitating what I hope will be a dynamic and collaborative group.

If you’re interested in joining the SIG or providing feedback, you can contact me via email: Evonne.Irwin@newcastle.edu.au.

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