Ed Tech

moqups provides an HTML5 App used to create wireframes. It is not available as a free download. Subscription costs are outlined on the website.
PowToon is an animation and presentation tool. There is a free option, but you can subscribe for more features.
Keynote for Mac is presentation software. Some snazzy effects available and promises to be compatible with Powerpoint.
Not technically EdTech, BuddyUp is a social network that helps students find study partners and coordinate study groups on campus
Wikispaces is a free, easy-to-use Wiki that seems to be more user-friendly and attractive than those available in common LMSs.
Pecha Kucha
Not EdTech, but a new approach to Powerpoint. A fast, visual presentation style where students record audio over 20 slides displayed for 20 seconds each. See Pecha Kucha in action at UON.
Creating videos
A useful list of software options (some free, some by subscription only) for creating videos in online/blended courses. Other options that may be supported by your institution include Blackboard Collaborate, Echo360 Personal Capture and Adobe Captivate.
Educational Technology and Mobile Learning
A Canadian site with tools, apps and articles around using EdTech in teaching. It seems to be focused towards school teaching, but contains many ideas and options that could be used in higher ed.
Not strictly EdTech, but contains useful resources for ensuring that online content is accessible for all students, including those with disabilities. The Articles and Resources sections are particularly informative.
Responsive images
This article discusses creating responsive images using HTML. This may be of limited use (depending on your Learning Management System and coding skillset) but for those with an interest it references some of the issues related to embedding images in webpages.

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